R&D Processes for Integrated Injection


I&DPIIMIO | R&D Processes for Integrated Injection
Project Number| POCI-01-0247-FEDER-42832 | Portugal Central and North

This project’s goals are the development of an alternative process that simultaneously integrates different technologies (Overmolding / IML / Mucell) in order to simplify the manufacturing of certain products that encompasses structural, functional, decorative and protective layers, in order to balance the different properties and quality of the final component (for instance, balance between reflective coating and lighting) and at the same time reduce the total weight of the manufactured part.

  • Implementation Period | 2019-09-07 a 2022-09-06
    Approval Date | 2019-08-08
    Main Goal | Promote research, technological development and innovation


    Total eligible cost | 1.997.525,39 EUR
    Funding | FEDER 382.490,93 EUR GLN PLAST | 171.517,75 EUR GLN MOLDS

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